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Just a dream,
I don't think anyone is reading my blog anymore.
But I just want to post this, because I want to remind myself of this love.

This 1year 6months and 24days of relationship was great, was awesome.

I never thought I would ever love someone so dearly that I could give up on my own rules and play with his. I never thought I would ever love someone so dearly that I could do anything just because I want to be with him.

I don't know if he will ever come back to me, neither do I know will he ever miss me. I don't know if he will ever look back and think of all the time we spent together. I don't think if he will ever have any flashback of us.

But I wanna thank God for letting him enter my life. Leaving the best memories for nearly 19 months of my life. I wanna thank God for giving me, him, as my 18th year old birthday present. Letting me feel loved all these while. I wanna thank God for putting us thru all the difficulties and we became stronger.

I know, he might not be the best guy on earth. Neither is he treating me like how a boyfriend should treat his girl. He is not the sweetest guy I've ever met, neither is he the guy who I thought I would love these much.

After all the incidents that happened, we grew a little stronger.

I know, it's my fault for being too close with a guy whom is trying to woo me. And keep contacting him when I know you don't like it. You told me about it, and because of it, we almost broke up. I'm sorry for letting such things happened and create that crack in between us. What hurts you the most is when you're in for 3 weeks, I get so affected when he say he wanna break friendship, and what's worst is when I'm the first one who contacted him. We have quarreled a lot of times because of him, and one day, I decided not to talk to him anymore. Because I no longer want him to be the reason for us to quarrel.

You'd your revenge, and that was one think I never thought I could ever forgive! But because it's you, I forgave and let it past as time passes by. If I never love you so dearly, I would have left at that point of time, and not tell you that I will forgive you because it's over. Trust me, a lot of girls would have left when you did that, but I stayed.

These are the biggest two issues of our love. Other that, was because of my family. Because they strongly disapprove this love. But we still managed to pull it off for 19 months, and I'm glad that you never let go of me, even when you find it irritating. We held stronger after every quarrel, and came off stronger. Even though in your mouth, you keep mentioning about breaking up, but you never did. Maybe because I will always find ways to actually mend that.

After all, thank you Kiefer Yew Qi Hao, for that 1 year 6 months and 24 days staying in my life and make a big difference. This love, will always be remembered. Just hope you'll be happier without me, and just for you to know, if you ever need someone, my phone is still available for you to call. :)

Someone who will always love you...
Rui Jia.
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Graveyard called love
It's been long since I last blogged, and I really have little memories of what happened for the past two months. Time just fly past, and I got myself busy with life because for 3 weeks, I lost you. And I'm making myself busy to make myself less miserable.

But thank god, you're back. And we love even deeper!

You buried me in the graveyard called love.



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I am missing you, my love.
It's been 6 days since you're away.

I'm still not use to not having you by my side. I shouldn't feel strange to such feelings, cause I used to lose you for 4 months. Lose you as in, knowing the fact that you no longer love me. But this time round, it's so much difference. I'm losing you for the current 3 weeks but knowing that you still love me.

This few days, I've been dreaming of you. But nightmares > sweet dreams. I dreamt that we met some robbers and we both got injured badly, dreamt that your ex girlfriend contact you back telling you that she's injured and want you to be there, dreamt that you're out but you've forgotten about me, dreamt that you're out but you didn't contact me or your clique, dreamt that you're out and you're having a high fever at home, dreamt that you're out but no longer love me. Its a sweet dream that I dreamt that you're out, but its a nightmare to know that you're trying to avoid me.

I really wonder, how are you doing inside. Coping good? Any bullies? Is it tough? Every night before I sleep, you're on my mind. Worrying and thinking about you.

It's been a week since I last saw your face, hear your voice. I really miss you so badly! Im coping well out here, still struggling in studies, and being your good-ans-well-behave girlfriend. I never talk to any guys, unless I've to. Maybe for like project work, or when Richman ask how am I doing or maybe dinner, or your clique when we met up for dinner yesterday, and my family.

But of course the only guy I want to talk to is YOU, KIEFER Y** ** ***!

I really want this 3 weeks to pass by fast, and you will be back. But if they really need to keep you for long, no worries, I will still be here waiting :) waiting for the day that you're back, back by my side, back in my arms.

Nothing can change my love for you.



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